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Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years  
Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ)   (Classical)     The best source of programming exercises. Very thankful!!! ;-)
Project Euler   Another GOOD source of programming exercises
Coding Bat   (Java & Python ONLINE Exercises)
TopCoder (Educational Content - Algorithm Tutorials)
LessThanDot Collection Of Puzzles For Programmers
Java Black Belt (Java Exams)   --   bought by Skillsoft  

Á É Í Ó Ú Ñ Ü ¡
á é í ó ú ñ ü ¿
WHERE birthdate BETWEEN '1982-08-30 00:00:00' AND '1982-08-30 23:59:59'
the wise ken kotorra karela drift racing team zenon panza barrigaza banana english filosofo poeta mago
Smash all your DREAMS for one of them to become REALITY
#1: English (United States) / US ;     #2 Spanish (Dom. Republic) / Latin American ;
Programming-Suited Smartphone Keyboard:
Requirements: Unlocked, SIM, 3G at 850/900 Mhz, High Capacity Memory Cards
  1. HTC Dream/G1 3G every symbol I need!
  2. Nokia N900
  3. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
  4. HTC Touch Pro 1
  5. HTC Touch Pro 2
  6. Palm Pre
  7. Palm Treo Pro best keyboard, but without symbols :'(
  8. Motorola FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR | pipe missing

Tabla De Multiplicar
Numeros Romanos *
Torre De Hanoi **
Semaforo **
Checkboxes Serializables ***
Agenda ****
Mover / Comprimir Archivos ****

FINAL: Chat Server/Room *****

1. Create a series of illustrations that show the passage of time.
2. Illustrate a song.
3. Create a theater poster for a Shakespearean play.
4. Make a picture book dummy.
5. Make a magazine cover for a current news story.
6. Paint a landscape with only three colors.
7. Make an abstract painting.
8. Take a class, if there are any available in your area.
9. Design a new logo for yourself.
10.Create a business card.

Google Queries:

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My Wish List

  1. A bigger, better monitor
  2. Another one
  3. A printer
  4. An ergonomic chair
  5. A whiteboard
  6. A filing cabinet or folder system
  7. A portable fan or heater
  8. A USB thumb drive
  9. A mouse-pad with wrist rest
  10. A computer speaker system
  11. An optical or wireless mouse
  12. Your favorite treat
Coursera: Princeton
Introduction to Programming in Java
Algorithms, 4th Edition
Standard Libraries
Java Algorithms and Clients
Programming Assignment 5: Kd-Trees

Web Utilities/ Web Tools
User Agent Strings
What's my User Agent
IP Location
WHOIS Domain Tools
PingDom Tools

Ruby's Inferiory Complex
Google Code Hosting
Session fixation , Session hijacking   //   Brute Force Forum , Brute Force Advices , Cross Site Scripting ,
Creating a Public Key - Theory
Chat Smileys Faces
OLAP Cubes
WordSmith.org - Anagram Server
SSB Brawl: How this game came to be made
Masahiro Sakurai and Eiji Aonuma talk about Super Smash Bros: Brawl (I really like this part!!)
Rasmus Lerdorf thoughts about Ruby On Rails
Think Exist (Quotes, Citations)
PDF Writers:   Print2eDoc   -   Pdf995

Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

Changing and adding file extensions recognized by Dreamweaver       (Temporal Link)
Remove JavaScript Error Alerts launched from Dreamweaver       (Temporal Link)
Grab and Drag Firefox Plugin
Icon Plug-In for PhotoShop
Binary Search Trees

Instant Sprite   join several icons in one image
CSS3 Generator   snippets from common css3 tags/elements
Lorem Pixel   an example of auto generated image placeholder

Icon Search
Icon Look
Icon Finder

Web Based Crons
Online Cron Jobs
getCRON   -   1 year free
Free Web Schedular   -   Not working

Utilities for Programming:
AutoIt   Documentation   -   GUI Scripting
NTLM auth module for Apache/Unix     $_SERVER['LOGON_USER']
SQLite   -   FAQ   -   Doc01   -   Doc02   -  
Tortoise SVN - 1.5.0     Svnserve Based Server
Notepad++ (Versions)   -   (Notepad Shortcuts)
DBGP Plugin (Versions)
NVU and KompoZer
XAMPP for Windows
Filezilla Client
Komodo Edit

Databases for countries, cities, states:
MaxMind: World Cities
MaxMind: Geo IP Lite
GeoDataSource: cities, free
GeoNames: export

LINUX Resources:
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial (LSST) v2.0
Learn Linux - About the Courses: - [Fundamentals] [System Administration] [Network Administration] [Shell Scripting] [Internals] [Electives]
Busy Box Commands
Linux Quick Manual (*)

JAVA Resources:     ./netbeans.exe -J-Xverify:none -J-Xms512m -J-Xmx1024m
TopCoder:   Algorithm Arena (jnlp)   -   Calculator   -   Formula

Design Patterns
Design Patterns - Gang Of Four
My Java Reference   -   (access)   -   (mysql)   -  
My Servlets & JSP Reference
Java with Passion
Introduction to Computer Science Using Java (Bradley Kjell, Central Connecticut State University)
Formatter   -   Calendar
The Java™ Tutorials
A Visual Guide to Layout Managers
A Visual Guide to Swing Components (Java Look and Feel)
Designing a Swing GUI in NetBeans IDE
CardLayout With Netbeans
Adding a File Chooser to a Java Application
NetBeans: Documentation, Training & Support
Java GUI Applications Learning Trail
Trail: 2D Graphics
4.10. Buffered Images
Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 6 - API Specification
Java™ Platform Enterprise Edition, v 5.0 - API Specifications
PENDIENTE: JSP Specification
Java™ Server Pages Standard Tag Library
Mobile Information Device Profile 1.0 - JSR 37   -   (MIDP 2.0)

MySQL Resources:
WWW SQL Designer     [Demo]     SQL Editor
SQLyog MySQL GUI - Community Edition
DBDesigner 4 Distributions

SQL Server Resources:

WordPress Resources:
underscores.me, _S
Types / Views / Cred

PHP Resources:
By Rasmus Lerdorf:
Fast and Rich Apps   -   (Nice topic!)
PHP on Hormones
Template Engine? Why?
Advanced PHP Tutorial
Simple is Hard
Getting Rich with PHP 5   -  Article at PHPMEMO
Do you PHP?
Portable Servers:
USBWebserver V8
Z-WAMP Server Pack
My Dates Script
My Read Write

phpseclib Encryption Lybrary   -   Documentation   -   Symmetric-key Cryptography
Heroku: PHP Documentation

PHP Wrappers
  Local Remote
TypeHeader Body Header Body
Request $_SERVER['HTTP_FOO_VAR'] php://input stream_context_create ┐file_put_contents?
Response header('foo var: 777') echo "..." $http_response_header file_get_contents
pChart - cubic curve - palette/2
QuickForm starter - QuickForm validation
apc.rfc1867 - File Upload Progress Hook Handler
$_SERVER Array
Timezones   -   date()   -   strftime()
Loose Comparisions
DBGp: Common Debugger Protocol
NuSOAP       Scott Nichol   Code Walkers   Oclipa   Builder AU   NOTE: Change "soapclient" to "nusoap_client"
Prove Your Worth
FPDF, HTMLDOC, DOMPDF   Note: on dompdf_config.inc.php:113   define("DOMPDF_PDF_BACKEND", "auto");   // pdflib, cpdf, gd
Regular Expressions - gskinner: RegExr       Pattern Syntax for "preg_match"   Notepad++   Komodo Edit   Dreamweaver  
One True Layout
PHPMailer Methods

PHPClasses Links:
php4-html-dom ← Best!
HTML Parser for PHP-4
PHP4 SimpleXML
PHP4 HTML Parser

CakePHP Commands:
NOTA: Modifica las rutas del cake/console/cake.bat
C:\wamp\www\cakephp\app> ..\cake\console\cake

PERL Reference (Simple)

C Resources:
Creating a shared and static library with the gnu compiler [gcc]
The GNU C Programming Tutorial - Building a library
Lists of Data Structures
C Compiler for the PIC series of Microcontrollers from Microchip
Dev C++ Download
cplusplus.com tutorial   (Reference)
A Programming Tutorial on C
C standard library
C++ standard library
The C Library Reference Guide (by Eric Huss)

JavaScript Resources:
My Golden Rules of JavaScript
jQuery documentation (CHM)
AngularJS -vs- Backbone.js
Data Tables (jquery)
jQuery Easing Plugin (version 1.3)
jQuery - Masked Input Plugin
XRegExp library and its and Unicode addon
GitHub: carhartl / jquery-cookie
JavaScript MD5
jQuery Autocomplete Plugin Demo
Sexy Alert Box
bassistance.de - Treeview
bassistance.de - Validation
Walter Zorn - JavaScript Vector Graphics Library
SWFUpload   -   (Documentation)
Query Object (jQuery plugin)
PNG-Fix   -   (jQuery Version)
PHP.JS   -   Kevin van Zonneveld Blog
Professional Ajax, 2nd. Edition - Examples
Google Maps Examples and API - Arguments: Lat Lng Zoom - [Coordinates]
TinyMCE Configuration
jQuery UI Documentation
jQuery Event Object Guide

Mobile UI Resources:
jQuery Mobile
Kendo UI

HTML Resources: See: HTML Validator
pForm - Form Generator
ASCII Printable Characters
Percent % Encoding
URL Encoding
Character Entities Reference

CSS Resources:   See CSS Validator
Blueprint CSS   -   CSS Reset
Font2Web   Google Fonts   FontSquirrel   Kernest   typekit   FontDeck
  -   generators and webfonts to use with @font-face
Font Icons: FontAwesome | GlyphIcons

HTML+CSS Dummy Row   -   Useful for receipt designing
Find Me By IP   -   To check browser features
Stokely CSS Hack for Safari
CSS Color Names
<SELECT> Free Layer - A short example [Check it in IE6]
Power of IE6/7 Zoom   ¿?
position:relative; overflow:hidden IE6/7 Bug
Color Scheme Designer
Design Galleries
IE6 Whitespace Bug
IE6 Double-Margin Bug
Equal Column Technique
Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps
Vertical Centering
Clearing Floats
Descendant Selectors
Common Fonts for WINDOWS & MAC
TT TypeTester - Compare Screen Type

Flash Resources:
OBJECT tag syntax
Flash OBJECT and EMBED tag attributes
Relative URLs not referenced correctly
SWF Object (JavaScript)
Calling Flash AS3 functions from Javascript
Flash and Javascript
3 lines of Flash code

Facebook Resources:
Confirm Your Phone
Signed Request
Facebook for Websites
Facebook PHP-SDK Example
Activating Mobile Texts

BlackBerry Resources:
deWiTTERS Game Loop - techniques
User Interface Field Reference
API Reference :   v6.0 (9800)   -   v5.0 (9300)   -   v4.2.1 (8320,8100)   -  
BB JDE Tutorials   -   Simulators   -   JDEs
Autotext % Codes
Hello World App
JavaScript Reference 5.0
Home Shortcuts   -   #2
BlackBerry Curve 9300 - Shortcuts
Manuals for Smartphone Users
BB DevZone   -   Development Guides

Raspberry Pi Resources:
  1. ssh -D 8888 username@remoteserver -vv
  2. host: ; port:8888

Khan Academy

Online Games:
Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)   -   Jin Applet   -   freechess.org  
[Help]   [Games][*]   [Seek]   [Times]   [Formula]   [Variables]  
[Examine]   [History]   [Journal]   [Mail Moves]  

Over 6600 Test Positions and tactical tests (PGN)   -   Ossimitz: chess tactics collections  

Checkers Programs Page (JB Alemanni)   -   Canadian Draughts   -   Sri Lankan Draughts

Light Bot - RoboZZle - RoboRally - The Codex of Alchemical Engineering
chessgames.com:   Opening Explorer   Saemisch vs Capablanca   Why I must lose to this idiot?  
ChessOps: Chess Openings
The Great Pawn Hunter   -   The Decoy: Chess with Style
Warcraft Online Patch
Heroes - By RealTech   I like the graphics and sound!
OnlyPoints.com   Gemstone Castle, Super Stacker 2, Zilch
Tower Defences: - Bloons Tower Defence - Xeno Tactics
Classic Games Arcade
International Draughts: Endgame Statistics
John Conway's Game of Life - (Explanation)

YouTube Dumps